FAQs for using Google Apps
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Accessing Contacts

How do I access my list of contacts in Google Apps?

At the top-left of your Gmail window, click the Mail logo and choose Contacts from the drop-menu.

Can I find contact addresses when composing messages or inviting people to a meeting?

Yes, you can open the Gmail contacts picker, which lists email addresses of all your personal contacts, as well as global contacts in your organization.  When composing an email message, click the To: link.

Can I see the members of a mailing list in our company directory in Google Apps?

Only if Google Groups for Business is enabled for your domain. Otherwise, you can't view the members of organization mailing lists created by your administrator.

Adding Contacts

Can I automatically add new contacts based on people I've corresponded with?

Yes. Whenever you send an email message to someone, your Contact Manager adds that person's email address to your Other Contacts list. To move the contact to your My Contacts list, open the Contact Manager, click Other Contacts (at the left), select the addresses you want to add, and click Add to My Contacts.

Can I add a global address or company mailing list to my personal contacts?

Yes. Just open your Contact Manager's Directory list and search for the contact. When you find the contact, select it and click Add to My Contacts. After that, you can add additional information to the contact's details. Note, however, that this information appears only in your personal contacts, not the corporate contacts.

If you haven't yet sent email to a corporate list, you might need to add the group manually.

Can I upload a mailing list from Outlook or Lotus Notes to my Google contacts?

Not directly, but you can quickly recreate the mailing list in Google Apps as follows:

  1. Open Outlook or Notes and display the addresses in the mailing list.
  2. In your Google contacts, click the New Group button and enter your new group name.
  3. In the Add to group field, start typing the email address of a contact in the Outlook or Notes mailing list (refer to the open mailing list for the addresses).
  4. When the contact appears, select it. Google contact manager adds the contact to the new group.
  5. Continue adding contacts to the group.
Creating Contact Groups

Can I create my own mailing lists in Google Apps?

Yes. Just open your contacts picker and create a new contact group. The group then appears in your personal Contact Manager. To open the contacts picker, click the To: link when composing an email message.

For details, see Create personal groups.

If I create a contact group, can I delete members?

Sure, you can add or remove members of your own groups at any time.