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Troubleshooting Classroom

You might find that some features of Classroom are not working properly, or you may find that you cannot access Classroom at all. If this is the case, please refer to some of the troubleshooting tips below.

Classroom is not accessible

If you are having difficulty accessing Classroom (you may still see the signup page even after receiving your invitation), it is likely that your Google Apps domain administrator has chosen to not automatically enable new Google services, as described in this Help Center article.

To enable Classroom, ask your administrator to manually enable Classroom in the Admin console.

If Classroom has been enabled, it is possible that your Google Admin has not given you permission to create and manage classes in Classroom.

Please have your Google Admin check out this Support document for additional information.

Email notifications are not received

Contact your school’s Google Apps administrator, and have them ensure that emails are allowed from the domain. This will ensure that email notifications from Classroom are delivered to teachers and students.

Please have your Google Apps administrator check out this Support document for additional information..

Accessibility and screen readers

Some screen readers may indicate that an item in Classroom is "clickable" when it is not. Only items that are marked as a "button" or a "link" by the reader are actually clickable. Please listen for "button" or "link" and ignore "clickable."

Send Feedback

If you are experiencing other issues with Classroom, or you would like to make a feature request, you can provide feedback to Google at any time. Google relies on your feedback, to make Classroom a better tool for your school!

To send feedback:

  1. Click the Send Feedback button in the bottom-right corner of the Classroom window.

  2. Write a brief description of the issue or feature request.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Click the Highlight button, and select any areas of the page that are relevant to your feedback, such as pointing out an issue or feature request.

    • That information will be highlighted

  5. Click the Blackout button, and select personal information you would like to black out.

    • That information will turn black and be unreadable

  6. A Google Feedback summary page will display.

  7. Click Submit.